Step 1

Initial Consultation

This is a no charge consultation to learn about your project ideas, to discuss municipal requirements, to offer education and things to consider that may affect the design, functionality, budget, and schedule.

Step 2


We review your project ideas to confirm that its possible within the municipal bylaws, building code and desired budget range. Quotes typically offered at this phase by contractors don’t hold much weight. They’re not based on actual plans and specs but rather assumptions and interpretation.

Step 3


We will engage a designer to begin the architectural and interior design. Next, it’s sent to an engineer for structural specifications and approval. Once the engineered plans are complete, we submit for permit and begin making material selections and obtaining quotes from our trades and suppliers. We build the project budget together based on actual materials and quotes. In our opinion, this is the most important part of the project.

Step 4


This is the exciting part! We have a permit, budget, schedule, and we have a plan. Let’s sign a construction agreement, collect a deposit, and begin construction. Throughout construction we keep you updated on the budget and schedule in real time with our project management software. Any changes made within the construction agreement will be quoted and approved by you in writing.

Step 5

Service and Warranty

Your home is complete, but our relationship is not over. We will provide you with all the necessary maintenance and product information, discuss process for warranty and schedule a 1 year walk through to inspect and rectify any issues as a result of settling.

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